We Make What's Special

Policy Quality

Complete customer satisfaction is our basic principle. For this reason, impeccable production processes and timely delivery are significant components of our quality policy.

Our Mission

To Produce metal, wood, and construction industries of the highest quality and conform to all international quality standards at low prices.

Xafio Group

About Us

Our company produces products for home cladding for mixers, ceramics, basins, and bathtubs, and they are manufactured with Turkish expertise and with the highest specifications.

We Make What's Special. We started our project with a beginning in industrial design and choosing what is distinctive. Our industry is distinguished and high quality. We started in Turkey and now in Qatar and Kuwait as agents in the Arab countries. With the beginning of our industry for bathroom sinks and accessories and ending in kitchens. Interior needs. You can follow our business and products on our official pages on Instagram and our blogs.

Exploring Our Factory: A Visual Journey

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